WHB Elektro Kft.

WHB Elektro Ltd. Was founded in 2007 by market needs. The owners have found that there is a need for a dynamically evolving and flexible company in the electrical installation market. From the very beginning, the company has been more than a construction company, and in addition to design, construction has been an integral part of the profile from the very beginning. WHB Elektro Ltd. Has already proved its expertise and aptitude in Hungary and abroad. Due to the needs of its partners, the company's profile was expanded with a new commercial business line from 2016, the main direction of which is the distribution of automation products, but also the general electrical installation materials can be found in their portfolio.

It operates in the following areas:


Electrical Installation, Construction, Automation, Sales and Installation of Electric Chargers: 

  • Design and construction of an electrical network for industrial facilities
  • Sale and installation of electric chargers
  • Design and construction of the electrical network of residential buildings and condominiums
  • Design and construction of control cabinets
  • Install control cabinets
  • Control cabinets, renovation, modernization
  • Inspection and repair of industrial electronic devices (servo controls, servo motors)
  • Lightning protection measurements
  • Touch Protection Review

Key references: 

  • Standby Police - Győr
  • Museum of Fine Arts - Budapest
  • 73-apartment condominium, Újlak street - Győr
  • Hungarian State Opera House - Budapest
  • NAV - Budapest
  • Árpád block - Győr
  • Vadász Hotel - Budapest
  • Star Fortress - Komárom
  • Millenáris Wind Gate - Budapest
  • Standby Police - Budapest
  • Erbslöh / WKW factory expansion - Győr

About WHB Elektro Ltd. in numbers: 

Year established: 2007

Number of employees: 63

Net sales in 2021: HUF 5,592 billion

Net sales in 2022: HUF 9,3 billion