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West Hungária Bau Kft. is a company in 100% Hungarian ownership pursuing general contractor and prime building contractor activities, playing a dominant role on the Hungarian market. Our company was established back in 1997, since when it has been our mission to offer services that fully satisfy our Customers. Success is our common objective and our high level of expertise and professional commitment, as well as the many years of experience of our employees, are indispensable constituents of this success.
We can confidently say that West Hungária Bau Kft. is not only a builder, but is a reliable partner to its customers, owing to the company’s sound financial background. The general contractor, prime building contractor and profile manufacturing activities that have been offered by the company for almost two decades are supervised by our highly qualified engineers having many years of experience. They guarantee that we are able to implement our customers‘ ideas in a creative manner, always focusing on the expected quality.
Our commitment to quality is also attested by the accreditation of a number of independent organizations (ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 50001:2011, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 27001:2013, AQAP 2120, ÉMI), prestigious awards of our partners (KNAUF), as well as the ÉVOSZ Prize of Excellence. We have likewise been awarded NATO and Atomic energy certificates.
Currently, West Hungária Bau Kft. is on of Hungary’s most dynamically developing and market leading construction companies. Our headquarters are located in Biatorbágy and we operate additional branch offices in Győr, Paks and Budapest. We hope to also contribute to the success of your business, so that together we create something memorable.

Development and Synergy

The success story of WHB started with the West Hungária Bau Kft. in 1997, what is now one of the key factors of the Hungarian construction market and has grown into a real group. The West Hungária Bau Kft. is the flagship of the group and realizes construction projects by using the synergy of the group and also its own resources.
For over 20 years, our team with more than 700 people has gained much experience in the field of monumental building reconstruction and general contractor services related to industrial, commercial and logistic facilities (halls, shopping centres).
While achieving success and progress, we have also entered new markets and in many parts of the country created something memorable in connection with specialist general execution, profile manufacturing, environmental protection and civil engineering.
The references prove that WHB is one of the key actors of the domestic market. However, this status would not have been reached, if we were not using our own developments and resources and were not working with a professional team of engineers. In recent years, we have expanded our group in order to expand our professional team and ensure efficient operation.
Our own development projects represent one of the key steps. We have a professional profile manufacturing team and our own profile manufacturing plant which is running in three shifts. We have also established offices in several parts of the country to carry out regional projects in the most efficient way (our newest branch office was established in Paks).
Restructuring the group and expanding the team of specialists represent another key step. In recent times through acquisition and company establishments, we have grouped our main activities into separate companies in order to ensure effective, transparent, and professional operation.
According to the market situation, we have also decided to enter the field of lighting technology. Accordingly, we have bought, in two instalments, Elios Zrt., the leading company in lighting modernization of large cities. PBE Építő Kft., involved in monolithic structural construction, and PBM Mélyépítő Kft., providing special deep foundation tasks, also belong to our group. Since 2015, the management rights of Magyar Építő Zrt. belong to the WHB Group.
Stability-Quality-Own resources This trinity ensures a successful realization for our partner. Thanks to this conscious profile extension and developments we can say that we, as an organized, professional, and transparent group have created something memorable within the domestic construction industry.
The ELIOS Innovatív Zrt. with its quality-oriented attitude, contemporary ideas, and achieved professional successes is now one of the most outstanding energy companies in Hungary.
ELIOS’ innovative activities focus on the realization of investments improving energy efficiency.
Its wide range of activities includes:
  • preparation of energy efficiency investments
  • energy system modernization
  • ensuring energy saving and controlling
  • using renewable energy assets
  • introduction of innovative technologies and energy investments
Its activities are provided through 5 branches:
  • public lighting
  • decorative, sport, indoor and other special lighting
  • complex building energy
  • solar panels
  • geothermal energy
The company has a number of excellent business references, which include the biggest European modernization project of LED public lightning in Hódmezővásárhely (2010-2011) and the development of the largest Hungarian private solar power plant in Sellye.
By the end of 2014, they modernized nearly 100,000 light fittings within the public lighting sector, which is their most important business branch.
ELIOS Zrt. in numbers:
Year of establishment: 2009
Number of employees: 40
Net turnover in 2015: HUF 7.6 billion
Magyar Építő Zrt. with its long history, is one of the key actors of the Hungarian construction industry. The company has provided high quality services for 127 years, including all tasks related to building construction, civil engineering, special industrial assembly, manufacturing, plus commercial and planning services as a prime building or general contractor. They have considerable machine stock, other equipment, and warehouses at their headquarters.
Their main strength is the skilled and experienced management team, able to manage and direct large and complicated projects. The financial stability, professional commitment and knowledge of specialists, and the quality and environmentally-focused managing system of Magyar Építő Zrt. guarantee the maximal reliability expected by the customers.
In addition to industrial buildings, office buildings, and luxury hotels, the company also has a wide-range of experience in the field of greenfield investments and authentic reconstruction, meeting the latest international and highest quality standards. They realized the Hotel Le Meridien, the Art Hotel, and the Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal projects for foreign investors. Some of the references are for emblematic facilities, providing significant landmarks for a town, as, for example, ING’s office building on Dózsa György street, the multifunctional building on Vörösmarty square, or the Budavári Nagyboldogasszony-templom (Church of Our Lady of Buda, better known as Mátyás-templom /Matthias Church), the reconstruction of which required specialist historical building renovation knowledge.
Among the references it is important to highlight major hospital developments, including the latest medical technology. Very important is the development of the Jósa András Hospital in Nyíregyháza, the Csillagpont Hospital in Miskolc, the Bács-Kiskun County Hospital in Kecskemét, and from previous projects, the development of the National Medical Rehabilitation Institute and the Public Health Centre (former Military Hospital).
Magyar Építő Zrt. in numbers:
Year of establishment: 1889
Number of employees: 93
Net turnover in 2015: HUF 4.8 billion
PBM Mélyépítő Kft.
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PBM Mélyépítő Kft.is an extremely dynamically developing civil engineering company which has become one of the key actors of the Hungarian market thanks to the professional attitude and reliable and precisely executed works. PBM Mélyépítő Kft. focuses on the execution of specialist civil engineering projects.
Its wide range of activities include:
  • pile-driving
  • jet grouting
  • anchoring
  • drainage
  • project management, consultancy
  • technical preparations
It provides activities in the following fields:
  • deep foundation
  • technical preparations
  • project management
  • consultancy
The company has the following references:
Execution of deep foundation tasks related to the new educational building of the National University of Public Services (Budapest, VIII. Orczy út 1).
Pile-driving tasks related to Levendula residential park (Budapest, XIV.Dorozsmai utca).
Execution of special deep foundation and base reinforcement tasks by jet-grouting technology related to the reconstruction of the Roman Hall of the Fine Art Museum and connected spaces (Budapest, XIV. Dózsa György út 41.).Civil engineering tasks related to a 60-room hotel (1092 Budapest, Hőgyes Endre utca 4).
Test-piling and piling tasks related to the railway junction, line, and footbridge in Székesfehérvár. East Nógrád Waste Recultivation Programme, landfill in Bátonyterenye, driving tasks of precast reinforced concrete pile related to the SUNMARINE*** sailing harbour. MTK – Hidegkuti Nándor stadium, bored pile foundation (1087 Budapest, Törökbecse utca 20.).
PBM Mélyépítő Kft. in numbers:
Year of establishment: 2013
Number of employees: 29
Net turnover in 2015: HUF 326 million
PBE Építő Kft. thanks to its professional achievements and excellent expert staff, is now one of the most dynamically developing companies providing structural construction and general contractor services in Hungary.
PBE Építő Kft. focuses on projects related to structural construction and general contractor services.
Its wide range of activities includes:
  • structural construction (monolithic objects)
  • general contractor services
  • project management, consultancy
  • technical preparations
  • tendering processes related to general contractor services
It provides activities in the following fields:
  • general contractor services
  • structural construction
  • project management, consultancy
The company has the following references:
Execution of design, construction, installation tasks, and providing connected services related to building a student house for the National University of Public Services that can hold 600 people (Budapest, VIII. Orczy út 1).
Renovation of the Zichy Castle in Zsámbék, which is in the use of the Gödöllő Premontrei Priory.
The PBE Építő Kft. in numbers:
Year of establishment: 2007
Number of employees: 35
Net turnover in 2015: HUF 1.5 billion
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